Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Animation in Film Industry

Animation is the most vital part of film making. The animation is the process in which pictures get manipulated and move in screen. Now the world is very modern and everything can easily be done through technologies. Animation is also being efficiently done via computer technologies. There are several softwares available for the animation of pictures.

There are several roles of animation in film industry. Animation in Dubai is also being done smartly. Without animation film cannot be successfully created. Film production companies in Dubai are well organized in animating movies. They are working quite great for productive results.

The different roles of animation in film making are mentioned below.


There are lots of different kinds of animation, for instance traditional hand drawn, 2D/3D computer animation, stop motion, and CG animation. Every animator is required to utilize his owns capabilities to bring the constant images live. Sometimes the animators have to create the image himself or they utilize the images provided by the designer of character.

3D Artist:

3D artists are actually the creators of things, characters, or surrounding with three different aspects. A 3D artist must acquire the skill to model digitally along with creation of texture maps. There are lots of softwares available for this. The commonly used softwares are Maya, 3D studio max, light wave, and XSI. For using these softwares and creating beautiful designs great 3D skills are quite essential.


The role of compositor is to gather different things like live-actions, animations, graphics, and other special effects and gather them collectively into a single shot where it’s important. Most of the time they are hired at the end of post production procedure, as they have to build up the final image by combining different layers and the prior created content. They have to assure that the final image is blending without any obstacle to get the style wanted.

Matte Painter:

Matte painters are the developers of realistic images that are required to use at the background of the scene, which is definitely enough costly or impossible to film. For this real matte paintings created by painters which have been integrated with live-action footage. But still traditional painting is being used along with digital composting. In this regard for this job traditional painting and digital painting skills both are essential for this job.