Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

Dangers of using free public WiFi

We all love using free WiFi especially in a boring public place where there is nothing interesting to do than stare at other people’s faces. This is a kind of situation where a public WiFi sounds like a life saver. But be aware as not every free thing is beneficial and safe to use.

Last September a warning was issued from TRA in UAE which warned its users to be careful of the usage of free WiFi in public places. If put in simple words, they warned us about using sensitive information such as transfer of funds or carrying out any kind of commercial or office work through these WiFi.

Explaining furthermore to give you a clear understanding of what public WiFi is, let’s divide it into two simple categories; secure network and unsecure network.

As suggested by its name, an unsecured network can be available at public places which does not require any kind of information or passwords or contacts and lets you use it at no cost. On the other hand, a secure network is the opposite of that – obviously. It requires some kind of password or information to setup an account and log in. Sometimes there is a password that you can buy for a few hours or something. They make you agree to some legal terms and conditions but still you are not safe. No matter how safe this secure network sounds you are still on a risk of getting yourself into something which you don’t want.

There are cyber criminals all around us who can hack into our accounts within seconds and dupe our identities to perform crimes and illegal activities and its blame will be latter thrown on you.

The TRA suggests you to refrain from opening any kind of sites or links and attachments which you receive via email and messages as it can contain some kind of device hacking software letting the hacker recieve all your information.

If you still want to go ahead and dismiss all the warnings then you are at your own risk and no one will be able to help you later when things get out of hand. So make sure that you are taking all precautionary measures such as using best internet packages in UAE to avoid using public WiFi.

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