Monday, 17 Feb 2020

Top Things to Do In London

Attracting around 27 million tourists each year, London is one of the favorite holiday destinations for many sightseers. Several people prefer London as an ideal place to spend their holidays due to its eye-catching and spectacular views. This beautiful city was established by the “Romans” and its worth has increased overtimes. 

As Dubai is famous for its desert safari in the same way London has a rich cultural history with some of the best tourist spots due to which people prefer visiting this city every now and then.

Almost 9 million reside in London today with those districts which have their recognizable neighborhoods. There are a wide range of things which one is able to see in this fabulous city. This also includes the world’s top art, shopping malls, eateries, amazing history, entertainment and much more. So, there are no chances that people will get bored in this amazing city.

Given below are some of the amazing things which one can explore in London.

Hyde Park

It is London’s most famous and largest park. It even has a prominent Speaker’s Corner which is currently being occupied for different debates, a number of protests and much more. Hyde Park is even home to a variety of memorial features and two “bodies of water”.


Westminster is a famous “political hub” of the city of London. It is even home to Parliament House and the globe’s famous Big-Ben which chimes after every hour. Westminster Abbey is even located here and is made available for the general public too. When one plans to visit these landmarks they should surely pay a visit to Parliament Square which has statues of vital political personalities like Nelson Mandela.


It is one of the famous cultural neighborhoods of North London. It has an alternative culture having crowd which is filled with different tourists, goths, punks, etc. It has such a community which is full of zeal and strength. This place even has several tattoos and piercing outlets.

 This place has a diverse market including traditional, international and a wide range of local food stalls. It even has a unique set of artwork which is being loved by a large range of tourists.

See this here a wide range of other things which one can do in the beautiful city of London.