Monday, 26 Oct 2020

The anatomy of depression

A main reason of depression is that when people think themselves as redundant then they will become unable to talk to others and when they discontinue talking to others it will make them developing the pattern of over thinking. When they start over thinking they become defenseless to depression because whatever they thought good or bad, they carry on it to themselves and if the thoughts are negative they will lead to serious isolation, mood swings and depression. 

In the situation of depression people need various directions and treatment as this illness is absolutely curable but only if medicines will be taken regularly according to the counselor’s prescription. In Dubai there are centers for depression counseling in which there are expert psychiatrist Dubai who can guide the person with their knowledge. They are available in those centers so a person can visit them empty their heart in front of them. They will listen to all the grief, insecurities, anger and everything people in anxiety Dubai can’t share with anyone. All the thoughts they can not share with their friends and family due to the fear of mockery. But the expert counselors can make the difference by listening to all the strange thoughts keenly and then suggest them different exercises and medications.

Depression is a very serious mental illness which is also very common in today’s time where most of the people think about themselves only and never care about the feelings of others. Especially in developed countries which are full of technological and cultural advancement people want to gain whatever they want regardless of the reality that it comes as a result of right or wrong, they just want the self preferred result and if they fail to get that by any means then they feel themselves useless and went into a deep feeling of sadness. There are many symptoms of depression most of them are very general and almost everyone experience them in everyday life but these general symptoms will become depression when they continue for a longer period of time and the person experiencing these symptoms will be incapable to deal with them.

Also note down that there is no exact cause of depression is known till now. It may be due to a single factor like not a success or by the combination of different factors.